How to Create a Smokey Eye Look appearance has been a preferred choice among beauty aficionados for a considerable period. This alluring and intense eye makeup style is ideal for an evening event, a noteworthy celebration, or even just for amusement.

Nevertheless, crafting the flawless smudged eye can be a challenging undertaking for novices. If you wish to acquire knowledge about how to create a smudged eye look, you have landed on the correct webpage.

In this write-up, we will present you with a comprehensive guide on how to obtain the perfect smudged eye appearance.

Prepping Your Eyes for the Perfect Smokey Look

1. Moisturizing Your Eye Area

Prior to commencing your makeup application, it is crucial to moisturize the skin surrounding your eyes. This will aid in maintaining adequate hydration and guarantee a seamless makeup application.

You have the option to utilize a typical moisturizer or a specialized cream designed for the eye area.

2. Applying Eye Primer

Eye base is a crucial element in achieving the ideal smudged eye appearance. It facilitates the formation of an even foundation for your eyeshadow and guarantees that your cosmetics remains intact throughout the entire evening.

Creating The Perfect Base for a Smokey Eye Look

Creating The Perfect Base for a Smokey Eye Look

1. Choosing Your Eye Shadow Palette

Selecting the appropriate eye shadow palette is crucial for achieving a smokey eye appearance. Seek out palettes that encompass an assortment of hues, encompassing a foundation tone, a transitional tone, and a deep tone to generate dimension.

2. Applying a Base Eye Shadow

To craft the ideal foundation for your smoky eye appearance, commence by administering a primary eye pigment all over your eyelid. It will aid in producing a seamless groundwork for your additional eye pigments and guarantee that they merge flawlessly.

3. Applying a Transition Shade

Afterwards, administer a gradient hue to your eye socket. This will facilitate the formation of a smooth progression from your primary eye shadow to your deeper tones.

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Creating The Smokey Eye Look

1. Applying The Main Shade

It is now the appropriate moment to use your primary eye shadow hue. Begin by administering it to the external corner and diffuse it inward towards your eye socket.

2. Blending Your Eye Shadows

For a polished appearance, it is essential to smoothly merge your eye shadows. Employ a fresh blending brush to fuse the borders of your eye shadows, ensuring that there are no abrupt lines.

3. Adding Depth to The Look

To enhance the depth of your smokey eye appearance, administer a deeper hue to the outer corner of your eye and blend it smoothly into your crease. This will produce a gradual transition that will amplify the size and sharpness of your eyes.

4. Adding The Smokey Effect

For a smoky appearance, use a black or deep grey eye shadow on the outer edge of your eye and diffuse it towards the center. Ensure that you mix it thoroughly to achieve a delicate, smoky effect.

5. Applying Eye Liner

Put on a black or deep brown eyeliner on your upper lash line and inner rim of your eyes to enhance their definition. For a more striking appearance, you can also use some eyeliner on your lower lash line.

6. Adding Mascara to Finish the Look

Complete your smoky eye appearance by using mascara on both your upper and lower lashes. This will aid in brightening your eyes and giving them a more alert appearance.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Smokey Eye Look

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Smokey Eye Look

Touch of red lipstick, contour, and smokey eyes. Those are the three makeup characteristics that are often used for a classic look. It has been known for a long time that the smokey eye technique is used to beautify and emphasize the shape of the eyes.

However, this display which is a favorite of many people is a technique that is quite tricky. Well, to get the perfect result, this time we will discuss giving some tips so you don’t fail to apply smokey How to Create a Smokey Eye Look. What do you want to know? Here are the tips:

1. Use Concealer or Eye Primer

In order to make the texture and color of the eyeshadow more visible, the first step is to apply concealer and eye primer evenly on the eyelids.

The way to apply it is by using a small brush or with your fingers. This primer can disguise dark circles on the eyelids in order to maximize the results of smokey eyes.

2. Selection of The Right Color

Prior to applying eyeshadow, it is essential to select the appropriate hue. Typically, the most secure and versatile colors for daily use are pink and brown.

However, in recent times, unconventional shades such as green, blue, or orange have become increasingly popular. Drawing from my expertise as a professional makeup artist, I can attest that rich shades like deep wine, jewel-toned navy, copper, and traditional black complement all skin tones.

3. Using Basic Colors and Giving Transitions

If you aspire to achieve a genuine smokey eye appearance, apply a light brown shade all over your eyelids as a fundamental color.

Blend it with an eyeshadow brush and then supplement a transition color on the crease of the eyelid, two shades deeper than the base color, pointing outward. Ensure that you blend it meticulously and uniformly to attain the ideal gradation.

4. Provides Shimmer Effect

For a more vibrant and lively appearance of the smokey eyes, incorporate a stacked shimmer effect onto the base color of the eyelids. This inclusion of shimmer eyeshadow aids in diminishing the dullness of the eyes. It is crucial to avoid concealing the previous transition color.

Rather, apply the shimmer eyeshadow solely on the eyelid up to the crease and on the tear duct of the eye. Furthermore, the inner corner of the eye can benefit from a highlighter application, specifically beneath the eyebrow’s tip, to enhance the freshness of the smokey eyes.

5. Using Eyeliner and Eye Pencils

If you need to make your smokey eyes appearance greater extreme and firm, Mirna Jose as a L’Oréal Paris make-up artist recommends making use of a black eye pencil or water resistant eyeliner as a base for the eyelids or at the decrease lash line. Another characteristic of the usage of an eye fixed pencil is to sharpen the form of the eyes to cause them to appearance bigger.

6. Using the Right Tools

Nvest in an excellent set of eye make-up brushes to make making use of your eye shadows less complicated and greater precise. Use a fluffy mixing brush to mixture your eye shadows, a flat brush to use your eye shadow, and a small brush to use eyeliner.


Crafting a smoky eye appearance may seem overwhelming, but with the correct equipment and methods, it can be accomplished with simplicity.

By adhering to our systematic instructions and utilizing our pointers and strategies, you can produce a seductive and theatrical How to Create a Smokey Eye Look cosmetics appearance that will catch everyone’s attention.

Keep in mind to try out distinct hues and designs to discover the ideal smoky eye appearance for yourself. With some practice and tolerance, you’ll be able to excel in the expertise of crafting a smoky eye look without any hassle.


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